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Invasive Terrestrial Plants 

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                Purple loosestrife infestation at the Sable Oaks Golf Course in South Portland. 

               This was the first site that YCSWCD did a Gallerucella beetle release


                                                                                                  Terrestrial Plants 

Do you know if you have invasives on your woodlot or property?

We can provide a wide range of Technical Assistance including identification, mapping of infestations, creating plan to manage & remove invasives.  We work with individual landowners, land Trusts, municipalities.

Please call our office FMI

Past Grant Projects & Resources:

In June 2005 York County Soil & Water was awarded a grant through the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. The Expanding Southern Maine Community Invasive Plant Control Phase 1 project encompassed developing an Integrated Pest Management plan (IPM), creating a steering committee, hosting workshops for ID & control of noxious weeds as well as distribution of education materials. We are also working with Noble High School to incorporate invasives in their curriculum.

The following is a review written by a student in Mr. Perks class at Noble High School after a presentation given by YCSWCD's Heather Dionne regarding Invasive Plants

            "Heather Dionne from York County Soils & Water District on Invasive Species had a really good point. What she said was the some companies and people accidentally spread invasive plants around the state, like Japanese Knotweed. What the plant would do is take over the surrounding environment because they have no competition. I agree with what she said, because that stuff happens all the time. A company will send out sand or soil for a house they’re making, and there will be an invasive plant or seeds in it, without them knowing."

Phase 2 of this grant began in the spring of 2008.

If you are interested in learning more about Invasive Terrestrial Plants please click on the links below:

General Information

As a Maine Resident, Why Should I Care About Invasives?

by YCSWCD through the NFWF grant

Invasives Information for Contractors

Defining Native Species

Maine Invasive Plant Brochure

Resources for Invasive Plants

Weeds Gone Wild: Alien Plant Invaders of Natural Areas

Regulations for Biological Control of Insects in New England

New England Wildflower Society

 Invasive Plant Atlas of New England (IPANE)

Integrated Pest Managment Info (IPM)

Beetle (Galerucella) Rearing Protocol

IPM for Maine Schools

Permit info for purchasing or transporting Beetles

Invasive Plants you might have in your backyard

Common & Glossy Buckthorn

Black Swallowwort

Garlic Mustard

Shrubby Honeysuckle

Japanese Honeysuckle

Japanese Stilt Grass

Japanese Knotweed (Mexican Bamboo)

Lesser Celandine

Common Reed (Phragmites)


Purple Loosestrife

Multiflora Rose (Rambler Rose)

Russian Olive

Mile-a-Minute Weed (Devil's tail)



Perrenial Pepper Weed

Burning Bush

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