‘Our National Conservation effort must include the complete spectrum of resources; air, water & land; fuels, energy & minerals;soils, forests & forage; fish & wildlife. Together they make up the world of nature which surrounds us’

John F. Kennedy

Technical Assistance

Landowners take pride in caring for their land & we can offer Technical Assistance to: * reduce runoff & soil erosion * * protect water quality * * manage for invasives species * * manage working forests * In addition we offer the following service: Engineering review & 3rd Party inpections Agricultural cost share programs through our partners at NRCS Invasive species survey & managment planning Grant writing 319 Watershed projects Contact us at 324-0888 X 214 for more information.

Invasive Species

Our 29 Towns & Cities are on the frontline for many invasive species. Whether its Variable Leaf Milfoil in the lakes, Japanese Knotweed in your yard or Emerald Ash Borer in your forest. We can help you learn what to look for.

Sid Emery Demonstration Forest

NEW KIOSK by Eagle Scout Blake Masse, Troop 320 Shapleigh

The Town of Lyman is currently harvesting their property adjacent to the ball parks. Our parking lot is no longer available for use. In the mean time you can park at our Williams road landing & walk over to the trails near the gate. Please do not block the gate. Come & explore our 140 acre Demonstration Forest off Brock Road in Lyman. (Next to ball fields & Bunganut Park) Trails are open year round to the public. This Forest was burned over during the Fires of ’47 & with the help of Mr. Emery has been showcasing forest management practices for over 70 years. Pick up a brochure at the kiosk or contact our office.

We have a prescribed harvest recommended through our Forest Management Plan that began in the fall of 2018. The goal was to thin the Red Pine stands to help release remaining trees to encourage growth & create a healthier stand. We decided to use a cut to length operation. I operator, 1 machine which processes each tree right when it is cut instead of hauling to a landing for processing. Branches that are removed were used on the equipment trails to protect the soil. Our operation was ended early due to wet weather & the Williams road property was not completed as planned.

** Update** Red Pine Scale discovery in 2 Red Pine Stands led to the decision to remove the 2 infested stands in hope that we prevent infestation in other stands. The opening will eventually seed in & create early successional habitat for a lot of our birds & wildlife that need that habitat type. This adds to our managed wildlife opening on the opposite side of the brook (landing).

Why leave the slash? We are conducting a silvaculture research project to increase soil health by leaving behind material normally chipped & trucked off site. We are hoping this material, as it decomposes, will created a healthier soil structure. It’s not “pretty” or “clean” looking but from a biological perspective we are creating new soil, habitat as a baseline for a new forest.



Watershed Projects

EPA 319 projects

The District is proud to partner with several communities to protect & improve water quality within their watersheds..

Watersheds are defined by where the water moves to & with that water comes the potential for erosion, decreased oxygen, increased plant growth (including invasives) loss of soil & decreses in clarity.

The 319 grant program administered statewide by the ME Department of Environmental Protection provide communities & lake associations with matching funds to protect our lakes, rivers & streams for boaters, anglers & lake front owners.

For more information on our 319 Projects please contact Jennifer Harris, Project Manager 324-0888 X 208 or jharris@yorkswcd.org

New Projects funded for 2019-2021

Goosefare Brook Implementation Phase 2

Thatcher Brook Implementation Phase 2

Mousam Lake Implementaion Phase 1

Kennebunk River Management Plan

Current 319 Projects:

Goosefare Brook Implementation Phase 1– Saco & OOB

Thatcher Brook Implementation Phase 1 – Biddeford

Past Projects (by Watershed)

Kennebunk Pond (2007)

Little Ossipee Lake (2007)

Great Works River

Goodall Brook(2018)


Square Pond

Environmental Education

Engaging students of all ages in the outdoors is a priority for the District. We offer on site class explorations in the following subject areas:

School Gardening – Garlic gardens, WE Grow afterschool program, School Gardens

Who lives here (wildlife of Maine)

Stormwater education – Water cycle, runoff, river systems,

Forestry Field Days – on School grounds or at our Demo Forest

Forestry Inventory Growth Plot Data collection

Summer Parks & Rec programs



**Due to Covid 19 our workshop schedule for 2020 is on hold. If workshops are offered we will provide a Zoom or video link to view after the workshop.**

Invasive Forest Pest workshops

Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive forest pest that has decimated Ash tree throughout the US. It was recently confirmed in York County & In part of Aroostook County where there is now a quarantine on movement of ash wood products including all firewood.  In order to help landowners & municipalities understand the effects EAB will have on our forests we are offering workshops to help identify Ash tree species, conduct a small survey & management strategies for your forest. Below is a list of upcoming workshops open to anyone.

If you or your group are interested in hosting a workshop please contact our office.

We also offer training & informational workshops throughout the year. Look for the following workshops in 2020-2021.

Maine DEP Contractor Certification

Pond Design & Maintenance

Forestry Best Practices